Finders Fee

How It Works

Should you introduce an opportunity to us that we were not previously aware of, and which we successfully acquire and open to trade within 12 months of introduction, then you will be able to claim a site finders fee. Terms and conditions apply*

A site can be introduced directly to the relevant Acquisition Manager (see development team tab for details). That Acquisition Manager will then directly confirm with you whether the opportunity is of interest or not. The site may be rejected for a number of reasons and Yum! III (UK) Ltd are at liberty to reject a site at their sole discretion.

Site Introductions must include the following details in order to register a valid introduction:

    i.    Site name;
    ii.   Full address;
    iii.  Postcode;
    iv.  Use class;
    v.   Scaled site plan (including the size of the current unit where applicable); and
    vi.  The vendor’s or selling agent’s particulars and contact details.

The Site must be unknown to Yum! (or the relevant Yum! franchisee if applicable) at the point of introduction.

Our finder fee offer only applies to Pizza Hut Delivery stores. The finders fee will be payable as long as you are not the Landlord or acting on behalf of the Landlord as this will create a conflict of interest.

The finders fee is only applicable in England, Wales and Scotland.

*For full terms and conditions please click here.