Planning Statement

Pizza Hut Delivery is part of Yum! Brands Inc, which owns the Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell brands worldwide. In the UK, Yum! III (UK) Limited (“Pizza Hut Delivery”) is the franchisor for both the delivery and dine-in restaurant businesses. Pizza Hut Delivery is currently expanding further across the UK. It is doing so by opening more stores, thus creating many more jobs and career opportunities. The franchisees who operate the existing stores, and who are seeking to open and operate the additional stores, are generally local business people who want to establish businesses in the areas in which they live. Franchisees operating Pizza Hut Delivery stores typically agree to do so for an initial period of 20 years.Approximately 80% of Pizza Hut Delivery customers have their orders delivered to them, rather than opting to collect it from the store. The orders are prepared and baked once the order is placed. Nearly every order is placed via telephone or internet, with only about 20% of customers visiting the store. As customers in the vast majority of cases consume the product at home or in the work place there is very little risk of litter creation.

The stores that are opened and operated by Pizza Hut Delivery and/or its franchisees often replace tired, run down units. The Pizza Hut Delivery stores are smart and well maintained and complement the local residents’ changes in shopping and eating habits. Pizza Hut Delivery is always looking at ways to improve energy consumption in its stores and to reduce the impact that they have on the environment. Through working closely with its suppliers towards this goal over recent years, Pizza Hut Delivery has been able to make big improvements in energy efficiency.

By using the latest technologies for extraction and cooking, Pizza Hut Delivery is able to minimise odours and noise, so as to avoid creating nuisance for local residents. Pizza Hut Delivery is a strong and valued supporter of local, national and international charities, in particular BBC Children in Need and The AT Society. Many Pizza Hut Delivery franchisees also engage in local initiatives such as working with local community groups. We are proud of the support we give these charities and have developed a strong culture within Pizza Hut Delivery that promotes and encourages everyone within the organisation to support charitable works.

Each Pizza Hut Delivery store creates around 20 jobs, which are generally taken by people living locally which helps to ensure that they show a level of courtesy and empathy to the local area. There are also good career development prospects for employees: most restaurant managers started as team members, as did many of the area managers and the franchisees who own the businesses.

As Pizza Hut Delivery is expanding, it is one of a small handful of companies that are investing in and providing new jobs for local people across the UK.